Baby Photography

Photo sessions of your precious baby – 3 month, 6 month, first birthday sessions

You made it! Now it’s time to celebrate your little one. 3-12 months is my FAVORITE age to photograph these sweet little ones. Their personalities are so alive and they’re so adorable.

Whether it’s images of chubby fat rolls, toothless grins, or babies that are proud to stand or push up on their tummies – these are great ages to capture forever. Cake smashes are also a very fun option if you’d like to see your little one enjoy messy cake or donut fun!

Scroll down to see a few of my favorite images of my baby photography, or visit the gallery to see even more!

Stress Free. Comfortable. Easy.

Preparing for your Baby Photo Session is simple. We’ll connect to talk about any ideas you have and I’ll be sure to explain everything to make sure you’re ready and have a great time!

If you have ideas of the types of backgrounds or photos you’d like, let me know and we can create the perfect set together – OR if you’d rather that I choose/create a great atmosphere and set so you don’t have to pick anything… that’s fine too!

Commonly Asked Questions about Baby Photo Sessions:

Q. Do you offer a baby plan?

A. Yes. Baby plans are a great way to capture memories of your baby at every age! Baby plans are available if you’d like to pre-schedule a series of sessions and bundle services. It’s also a great way to add value!

Q. Can I include a sibling? Can they be in the photos?

A. Yes of course! However, please make sure to ask if we’ve scheduled enough time. A Baby Session may take a while, and we’ll need to discuss staying on schedule to include other members of the family, etc.

Q. How many times can we change my outfits / settings?

A. As many as you’d like in the 60-90 minutes we have together. With most of my clients, we switch it up 2 to 3 times.

Q. If I’m doing a 1 year old session, do I have to do a cake smash?

A. No. The type of settings and session you have is completely up to you! About 1/2 of my clients choose to do cake smash sessions. It’s completely up to you!

Q. Can I bring props or their favorite toys to include in the session?

A. YES! I’m happy to personalize the session for you and include any of your favorite toys or keepsakes! Please let me know in advance what you’ll be bringing.

Q. Are the digital images of my session available?

A. Yes, you have two options. Digital images are included with my larger collections and available as an a la carte item with any session.

Q. Can we do a cake smash and still do other photos in the same session?

A. Absolutely. We’ll make sure to fit in some great photos in addition to your cake smash.