Children’s Photography

Professional photos of your Children. Let them be little.

There’s nothing better than sweet photos our our kids. I prefer to capture kids in a natural setting, and I do my best to bring their little personalities out!

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Stress Free. Comfortable. Easy.

Preparing for your Children’s Photo Session is simple. We’ll connect to talk about any ideas you have and I’ll be sure to explain everything to make sure you’re ready and have a great time!

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Commonly Asked Questions about Children’s Photography Sessions:

Q. Can I bring my significant other? Can they be in the photos?

A. Yes of course! However, please make sure to ask if we’ve scheduled enough time. We’ll need to discuss staying on schedule to include other members of the family, etc.

Q. How many times can we change my outfits / settings?

A. As many as you’d like in the 60-90 minutes we have together. With most of my clients, we switch it up 2 to 3 times, time permitting.

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