Kids Photography

Kids will be kids. Capture every moment. 

There’s nothing better than sweet photos of our kids. I prefer to capture kids in a natural setting, and I do my best to bring their little personalities out!  I don’t use a lot of props with children.  I really like to focus on the child. Their sweet face, freckles, crooked or missing teeth, and crazy hair.  I love the stories they tell and the noises they make.  Every session with me is fun and your child will usually be asking you to come back and see me.

Stress Free. Comfortable. Easy.

Preparing for your Kids Photo Session is simple. Don’t stress out about it.  Bring them in and let me do the rest.  My most asked question is what should they wear.  My answer is ALWAYS let them choose.  Usually at about age three they discover they can dress themselves.  Let them.  There is nothing cuter than a little boy who will only wear his pajamas or a little girl who wears cowboy boots with everything.  Let them be little and let me capture it for you.

Commonly Asked Questions about Kids Photography Sessions:

Q. What if my kids don’t behave?

A. Perfect!!  I love photographing naughty kids.  The sassier the better.  I love the boys who just want to be silly and jump around and the girls that give me the stink eye.  You have seen all these looks from your kids.  Why not document them.  Everyone loves a smiling kid portrait but nothing is better than a image captured of your child’s true personality.

Q. I have a lot of kids is that a problem? Do I need to book multiple sessions?

A. Not a problem at all.  I have 4 kids of my own so I know how to work with a big family.  If your looking to highlight a certain kids milestones then it’s best to book them a separate session but otherwise all kids will be photographed individually and together during the session.

Q. What if my kids are sick? Can we reschedule?

A: Yes absolutely. Sick kids aren’t  “happy.” kids and it will show in the images.  We want this experience to be a blast for them, because it shows in the images. Ultimately, it’s your call: A runny nose generally isn’t going to get them down, but a fever likely will. You can reschedule anytime within 6 months of your original shoot date.

Q: My Child has bumps, bruises, sunburn and mosquito bites should we reschedule?

A: Absolutely Not!  I feel braces, band-aids and minor bumps or bruises are true badges of childhood—a memorable part of growing up that’s worthy of capture. But if you prefer, we’ll gladly retouch minor blemishes without extra charges. If you’re still concerned, snap a quick photo and email it to us—we’ll let you know if it warrants rescheduling.

Q. How do I choose clothes for the session?

A. I love color!  I also love when kids choose their own outfits. Think color and texture! Clothing matters… A LOT. Neutrals are best.  Layering and texture can make an outfit.  Scarves, stylish headbands or a detailed blazers and accessories can make an outfit. If you’re unsure what to wear, call or email us. I’m happy to help you. Browse our galleries and check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration. And, of course, you can always bring a variety of options and we’ll help you narrow it down to the perfect outfit. And YES we can photograph multiple outfits within our session.

Q. How do I prepare my kids for their session?

A. Let them be little.  I don’t want this experience for them to be negative.  Sessions in the studio are always fun.   It’s best that you allow me to direct your child during the session.  If your stressing and yelling at them they will shut down and not give me their true authentic selves.  I have asked a parent or  sibling to step into the hall if needed to capture a true image of a child with out distraction before.

Q. Can I have all my digital Images on a USB?

A. Yes, but why would you want them all?  With our ever changing technology USB are going to be the 8 track tape of the century soon.  Printing your photos is the best way to ensure longevity.  And I can help you create the perfect Art for your home so you can enjoy these images daily.  As my gift to you for every printed image I will gift you a corresponding digital file for archiving purposes.

Q. What if I don’t like any of my Images?

A. How could you not love images of your kids?  But if by chance you don’t like them i’d be happy to schedule a reshoot with you.  However I will not reschedule if you just aren’t happy with the outfit you choose.  We will work together and make sure everything is perfect before we start the session.  Time wasted on both of our parts is time we don’t get back.