Maternity Photography

Every expectant mother deserves a Maternity Photography Session

Treat yourself to a special maternity photo session that’s all about you. You’re pregnant and you feel like every photo you’re in might not be the most flattering… Nonsense! I say celebrate that baby bump!

The next couple decades will be dedicated to you caring for the precious baby you’re carrying. Now’s the time to schedule a maternity photo shoot to preserve you looking (and feeling) your best!

Stress Free. Comfortable. Easy.

preparing for your maternity photo session is simple.   We’ll connect to talk about any ideas you have and I’ll be sure to explain everything to make sure you’re ready and have a great time!

Commonly Asked Questions about Maternity Photo Sessions:

Q. How soon should I book my maternity session?

A. Book your session well in advance as you can as the studio books up during certain months the year.  The ideal time to be photographed in your pregnancy is between 28-34 weeks.  We want to make sure your bump is showing but you aren’t too uncomfortable yet.  And babies are unpredictable and they can make their appearance at any time after that 34 week mark.

Q. Can I bring my significant other? Can they be in the photos?

A. Yes! Spouses, Children or pets can always be included in sessions.  Its a great way to document this time in your families life.

Q. What should I wear for my maternity session?

A. A simple solution for this question is wear something comfortable that makes you feel good.  Do you have a favorite Maternity shirt or simple dress that you currently love.  While comfort is important, the clothing should also show off your baby bump.  Tight fitting t-shirts or your pre-pregnancy jeans are always a great look.  We also have a few gowns available in the studio.  Depending on what type of session you would like will determine what you should wear.  You can be fully clothed, expose the belly, or partially or completely nude during your session.  We will work with your comfort level.  You can access our What to Wear Guide HERE.

Q. Should I get my Hair or Makeup done?

A. Yes!  But you don’t need to go to a Salon unless you want to .  In order to feel your best you should look your best.  A little mascara goes a long way!  Apply a light foundation to even out your skin tone a simple lip gloss and some mascara to make your eyes pop is really all you need.  Light and natural makeup is the best.  Keep your hair simple but styled.

Q. How do I Prepare for my Maternity session?

A. I recommend loose fitting clothing before your session.  Loosen those bra straps so they don’t leave strap marks on your shoulders.  Roll down those Maternity underwear to keep the lines off your tummy.  Be well rested, (your pregnant and probably up multiple times at night I get it)  and relax.  It’s my job to make you  look amazing.  Let me do the stressing.  Stay hydrated,  hydrated skin is glowing skin.  Be sure to apply your lotion at least 2 hours before your session so it has time to absorb into your skin.

Q. How long till I get to see my images?

A.  You will get to see your images approximately 1 week after your session date.  You will come back into the studio for your ordering appointment and we will select which heirloom products are best for you.

Q. Can I just purchase Digital Files?

A. Yes!  But why would you want to.  Your going to have a baby soon that will occupy all your time and energy.  With every purchased image I will gift you a corresponding digital image for archiving purposes.  Let me be the expert and help you select your wall art or special album.

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