Pet Photography

I’m a Pet Photographer… Because pets are just another important member of the family!

Our pets are truly members of our families. In some cases your pet is your first baby or only baby.  Whether you’re looking for a professional with experience doing pet photos, or you’re looking to include your pet in your family photos, you’ve come to the right place!

Stress Free. Comfortable. Easy.

Preparing for your Pet Photo Session is simple. Each session is unique and tailored  to your pet and families personality.  Whether it’s just a family portrait with your furry friend or you want a unique piece of art that is designed around your pet we can do it all.

Commonly Asked Questions about Pet Photography Sessions:

Q. Can I bring my family? Can they be in the photos?

A. Yes of course! Family members or other pets can always be included.  However, please make sure to ask if we’ve scheduled enough time. We’ll need to discuss staying on schedule to include other members of the family, etc.

Q. Does my pet need to be well trained? What if they don’t cooperate?

A. No!  Your pet does not need to be well trained.  Knowing a few simple commands is helpful but my training and expertise will help us get the Portraits we are looking for.  Your pet will be just fine.  Don’t stress over it.  Pets like kids pick up on stress.  They of course will be excited or nervous to come into the studio for the first time but that’s to be expected.  We will play and have lots of treats.  While getting those perfect photos.

Q. What should I bring to the session?

A. Please bring your dog into the studio with a collar and a leash.  We may remove them when in the studio but I share a studio space with other businesses and to be respectful I ask that your pet be on a leash.  If your dog has any favorite snacks or toys please bring those as well but try and keep them hidden until I ask for them so your pet doesn’t come in thinking it’s only playtime.